Rold forest and Rebild hills (1 km.)/ Rold Wald und Anhohe (1 km.)
Rold forest and Rebild hills (1 km)

Rold forest is one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark with trees, which up to 350 years old, it is 78 km2 big.
Many old legens are about notorious robbers, festive poachers and colourful people of the forest are connected to Rold forest.
The forest has thousands of roe deer and reed deer, rare orchids and not least, it has one of the sources most abounding in water in Nothern Europa.
Futher, there are several water sources, lakes, historic burial mounds, castles, manor houses and museums.
A gern of nature and absolutely worth a visit - at least one day !!!
Take a look at this video about Rold forest:

Rold Wald und Rebild Anhöhen (1km)

Rold Wald ist vielleicht der schönste Wald in Dänemark. Hier, in diesem 78km2 grossen Wald, finden Sie Bäume, die mehr als 350 Jahre alt sind. Die Anhöhen von Rebild sind international berühmt. Weiterhin finden Sie hier viele interessante Quellen, Hünengräber, Schlösser, Herrensitze und Museen.

Eine Perle der Natur, die Sie natürlich besuchen müssen!

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